FOOTMARK x MS Futurestep Sneakers

Hold your hats, sneaker fans.  These FOOTMARK x MS Futurestep Sneakers bring something entirely new to the table, a revolutionary level of customization in a cool pair of kicks.  The Futurestep Sneakers by Chinese retailer FOOTMARK and footwear company MS takes a modular approach to sneaker design and end user embellishment.  A pair of Futuresteps includes six different color styles of straps and panels that can be swapped on the fly.  Feeling like some yellow on the toe, some hot pink on the strap and green fenders throughout?  Toss those on when you lace them up.  Even  naked, these kicks are compelling– but the Futurestep leaves the color and the design up to you, every time you put them on your feet.


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