Inov-8 Evoskin

The Inov-8 Evoskin is a training and recovery ’shoe‘.  With only a thin layer of Silicone between you and the ground, they act as a second skin, allowing you to gain the benefits of barefoot running without having to suffer the pain & blisters.

Modern shoes now have more cushioning, structure and support than ever before, coccooning and isolating your feet from ground you’re walking on and forcing the feet to conform.  The Inov-8 Evoskins completely flips this on its head and go back to basics.  The Evoskins weigh just 100g’s and are suitable for all activities and sports, as well as everyday use.  They are particularly good for watersports, running and activities such as Yoga. The Inov-8 Evoskins offer zero support, zero control and zero cushioning, allowing your foot to flex and bend naturally with every step. This improves your biomechanical efficiency, strengthens your foot muscles and thus helps to reduce injury. The Inov8 Evoskin is closest thing to a barefoot experience than any other current piece of footwear.


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